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Our new global project aims at helping everyone who is looking for opportunities to leverage their knowledge, skills, and potential up to higher levels.Uplift welcomes everyone to uplift their skills which they had been longing for and never got an opportunity to start anything because of the capital required to register in any kind of programs. With us, you can polish your knowledge as well as use the existing one for individual development and for societal welfare. The one having existing knowledge about the subjects can become a part of other’s growth to increase their knowledge up to certain level and the ones without it, can grab this opportunity to build their intellect on it.

As we are an organization with an aim of bringing equality, empowerment and excitement to gain more knowledge in the technical field,we are expecting more women participants to overcome the fear in every meetup, workshops, and conferences ,hence helping them to be part of this ever-changing technology field in #100daysofUplift

This time GirlScript Foundation has come up with a faboulous learning opportunity for all to learn more and grow with everyone and it’s none other than the “The Uplift Project”

Why did UPLIFT start?

GirlScript Foundation envisions establishing a society where everyone is digitally literal and has no myths and taboos about technology. There are many students who need to learn and develop their skills but lack the correct mentorship and guidance.

There are huge round of online courses available but everyone can’t afford the cost of having them.The association of knowledge with money is an old school business.But yeah, GirlScript have broken this chain and have brought to you the knowledge you had been seeking for.

To give proper guidance and more meaningful knowledge of the subject, the GirlScript Foundation has taken up this initiative to uplift all with the desire to learn more ,all for ‘free’. GirlScript Foundation keeps on throwing new opportunities for the one who is willing to catch it and build.


India's First & Biggest Indian Origin Technical Community

GirlScript is a section-8 NON PROFIT company registered under the government of India on the 2nd of June, 2017. GirlScript is open for all organisation and supports beginners in technology and programming. It supports diversity by reserving 50% seats for women & IGBT in all it's programs worldwide.

GirlScript aims to become world's biggest tech community for learning technical skills and getting opportunities around the globe.

We support diversity in tech and thus we ensure 60% women participation in every meet ups, workshops and conferences.

The Uplift is a global project managed and founded by The GirlScript Foundation.

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